My name is Jayne Bennett ,I am a Holistic Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master , Aromatherapist ,PRRT ( Primal Reflex Release Technique practitioner) 

I am British trained with over 30 years experience in the field of reflexology , Massage Therapy and Esthetics .I attended Farnborough and Reading University to learn my craft , My passion is Reflexology it has taken me on this journey and wonderful healing path for others , It is part of the National Heath so an intensive education is required. I worked throughout Europe and in Private practice teaching and lecturing.

 I came to the USA 20 years ago when I met my husband, Paul we have 2 beautiful sons .I continued my education in Michigan attending college and reflexology school.


I have my office in Lewis Center and Bexley .

A Certification Program to teach Reflexology is starting in January 2018 , I will also be available for private appointments.

I am told I'm the Foot Psychic, ' it's all in the feet ' come let me read them !!



Reflexology, PRRT  ,Reiki , Ear Candling Aromatherapy  Workshops and Teaching 

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Cerification in Reflexology Classes and Workshops for friends and family 

April 4 th - 25 th 2018  Manicure / Pedicure reflexology training program approved by ARCB ( American Reflexology Certification Board)


Feel So Refreshed! Just fantastic!- Joan

The Foot Psychic , Jayne Reads the Feet just amazing!  - Carla

The Best Ever !- Richard

2nd location

Pilates Studio Bexley 2/3 times per month contact me for available times


1/ What is Reflexology? A amazing powerful treatment to improve your overal health wellbeing , Over 7,000 nerve endings of the feet and through pressure points achieving optimum balance.

2/ What conditions does it help ? Stress , Hormonal , Sinus , Headache, Stomach, digestive, Pain , Numbness ,to name just a small few !

3/PRRT ? A manual therapy similar to trigger work for evaluation and relieving Muscle Pain.


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